Klarna coffee sweden

Now you can order our coffee with Klarna!

We have started an exciting collaboration with Klarna to be able to offer you new ways to pay at the checkout. It’s a simple one and safe way to get the coffee you want when you need it.

Klarna have full focus on creating the world’s best shopping experience. They believe that payments are so much more than just a way to send money. That’s why their flexible payment methods give you more time and control so you can focus on enjoying our fusion coffee experience.
These are some of the reasons we choose Klarna. It has always been important to us to collaborate and work with other Scandinavian brands

With a card or account, you can pay for your purchases quickly, securely and easily in three different ways. You can connect both your cards and bank accounts to Klarna when you pay something for the first time, or do it in advance via Klarna app using BankID.
Klarna remembers your information so you can get your coffee even more smoothly next time.
Pay with your bank account and approve the purchase with BankID. The money is withdrawn directly without any registration with Klarna.
You can also choose to pay with any card. The money is reserved directly on the card in connection with the purchase.
All purchases with a card or bank account are covered by Klarna’s buyer protection.

Pay later
● Pay within 14 days. Try things in peace and quiet at home and decide what you want to keep. No interest or fees when you pay on time.

● Pay within 14 days. Order today. No interest or fees when you pay on time.

● Partial payment plan
Pay according to a plan, so that the purchase is fully paid after, for example, 12 months. If you want to pay more for a month, that’s fine you can pay the remaining debt at any time.
● Flexible installments
Pay a minimum amount each month. You choose whether you want to pay the minimum amount or any amount over the minimum amount.
Once approved, you can manage your payments and receive payment reminders in the Klarna app.


Get the app
Use the Klarna app to view and manage your payments, report returns and chat around the clock with Klarnas
Simplicity and effectiveness are some of the key reasons why we choose to partner up with Klarna!

If you have any questions feel free to write to us at or chat with Klarna customer service on this link.