• 600 ml water 
  • 7 tbsp of Finjal Coffee

The most straightforward way of making coffee. Most kitchens will have some form of this coffee maker and know how to use it. That doesn’t mean you can’t take away some tips from us here at Finjal!

Make sure to boil 600 ml of water and let sit for 15 seconds. Then begin with placing your filter on top and securing it. Pour some hot water over the filter. Add 7 tbsp of Finjal’s signature coffee (ground) and make sure to distribute evenly. Pour around 40 ml of water in a circle and watch it bloom. Inhale the aromatic scents of our freshly roasted coffee and let sit for a couple seconds. Start pouring the rest of the water in a circle moving ever so slightly from left to right.

Let the water drip through and you should have the best fusion coffee of your life!

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